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Why it Works for Some Well Problems and Not for Others

by J. Artiola Ph. D., G. Hix RG., C. Gerba Ph.D., and K. Farrell-Poe Ph. D., College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Cooperative Extension, The University of Arizona

Pouring Bleach Down Your Well?  Read this Publication First

The intended purpose of shock chlorination is to reduce the levels of microorganisms that can cause illnesses (pathogens) present in water using a concentrated liquid chlorine solution.  There are two places where this disinfection treatment method is typically applied: down the water well itself and/ or inside water storage tanks. The practical benefits of shock chlorination are different for each application, as are the risks.

The purpose of this publication is to make well owners aware of the benefits and potential problems associated with water well shock chlorination, including when and who should do it.

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